Bath Comedy Festival – Week two!

We’ve had a week of fun so far, seeing all manner of acts from big telly names like Jon Richardson to delightful (and surprisingly rude!) sock puppets and of course some of our personal Fringe favourites such as John-Luke Roberts’. Lets have a look at what the second week of the Bath Comedy Festival has in store!

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We kick off week two at the Bath Brew House with David Tsonos’ show Walking the Cat 2 at 6.30pm, which is followed by heat four of the new act competition at 8pm. Alternatively, at 8 you can also head over to Komedia for the always wonderful New Act Night, or over to Widcombe Social Club for Mother’s Ruin – A Cabaret about Gin!



Tuesday is jam-packed! Start the night with two of our personal favourite up-and-comers at the Bath Brew House, with Lulu Popplewell’s show at 6.30pm and George Rigden’s at 8pm, which is then followed by the excellent Bath Comedy Fest veteran Christian Talbot at 9.30pm.
At 8pm you could also head over to the Ring O’ Bells for Ashley Storrie’s show followed by the phenomenal Janey Godley at 9.30pm, or alternatively up to the St James Wine Vaults for Joanne McNalley at 8pm and Catherine Bohart at 9.30pm.
Or if none of those tickle your fancy (which would be peculiar, because it’s a very strong run of shows!), simply pop to the Westgate for heat five of the new act competition which starts at 8pm. Mother’s Ruin continues it’s run at Widcombe Social Club, so do see that if you haven’t yet had the chance!


On Wednesday we’d suggest picking a venue and seeing the full run of shows at either the Ring O’ Bells or the Bath Brew House.
At Ring O’ Bells you can start at 6.30pm with Joey Page, then Sally-Anne Hayward at 8pm, and Christopher Macarthur-Boyd at 9.30pm.
Or at the Bath Brew House start with Ed Night at 6.30pm, then Holt and Talbot at 8pm, and Romina Puma at 9.30pm!

At 8pm can also head over to the Rondo for David Mills, or over to the Igloo for heat six of the new act competition.


Thursday brings with it the SOLD OUT show of Mash Report phenomenon, the multi-talented Rachel Parris at the Ring O’ Bells at 6.30pm, followed by Markus Birdman at 8pm and Diane Spencer at 9.30pm!
Over at the Bath Brew House you can catch the delightful Jake Baker (who you may have caught doing a short spot at Saturday Night Live at the Bath Brew House with Phil Kay and Jonny and the Baptists last week!) at 6.30pm, then see Pauline Eyre and Rebecca How at 8pm, and Maisie Adam at 9.30pm.
At 8pm you can also pop down to the Mission Theatre for Gamble and Hoskins, over to the Rondo for Carl Hutchinson, along to the Igloo for heat seven of the new act competition, or wait till half past and pop over to the Bell for their open mic playgroup. If you’re in Frome, you could also go along to Rare Species – Frome, The Fecund Coming


Did you miss Jake Baker on Thursday? Don’t worry, he’s at the Bath Brew House again today at 6.30pm! The same goes for Pauline Eyre and Rebecca How, who you can also catch at 8pm! Finish off your night at the Brew House with Chris Norton-Walker at 9.30pm.
At 7.30pm you can go and see Rachel Parris at the Widcombe Social Club – but only if you’ve bought tickets as she’s only gone and sold out a second night in Bath!  If you missed out, head over to the Mission Theatre instead, where you can see A Night At The Novelty Theatre from the Unravelled Commedia Company.
At 8pm you can also head to the Rondo for Croft and Pearce Are Not Themselves! Finally, finish off your Friday at the Widcombe Social Club with the last show of the run for Mother’s Ruin!


Kick off the weekend with David Ephgrave at 2.30 at the Bath Brew House, followed by Sally-Anne Hayward at 4pm, and return in the evening for Saturday Night Live with Jarred Christmas and Wes Packer at 8pm!
Alternatively head over to Widcombe Social Club at 4pm for Tales Of Britain Live! At 7.30pm you can catch Kane and Abel – Breaking The Magicians’ Code at the Mission Theatre,  then at 8pm either head to the Rondo for George Egg, up to the St James Wine Vaults for Esther Manito and Jake Howie, or Komedia for their Krater Comedy Club night!


We suspect you’ll already have booked to go along on The Wine Arts Trail 2018 (and if you haven’t, sorry but it’s SOLD OUT!) so be sure to head out for that at either 10.40am or 2.40pm!
If you missed out, come along to the Bath Brew House for Sally-Anne Hayward’s work in progress show at 3.30pm, then David Ephgrave at 5pm, and two local legends David Hoare and Richard James at 6.30pm, and then finish off with fabulous Milo McCabe at 8pm!
Or at 6pm pop up to Moles for musical comedy fun with The Unrelated Family, and at 8pm head over to the Rondo for the brilliant Elf Lyons!

That’s week two in the bag, have fun at all the wonderful comedy shows coming to Bath! We’ll be putting together one last run-through of Festival shows next week, so don’t forget to sign up to our mailing list for an update straight in your inbox!

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