Circled In The Diary: Fun at the Westgate & John Kearns!

It was another joyous edition of the regular West Gate New Comedy Night this week; for those of you who aren’t aware, the night is a mixture of new comedians taking their early steps in comedy and more established acts doing a mixture of new and current material. I am obviously more than a little biased as I am heavily involved in this gig, but I would heartily recommend it to everyone looking for a fun night!

The lineups of performers are always far better than they frankly should be for the cheap entrance price, but this week’s was particularly strong ranging from the prop-based madness of Alf to the beautiful and witty folk stylings of Gavin Osborn with much more in between. There is currently standup at the Westgate every Tuesday from 8pm with free entry (and advance tickets are cheap as chips if you do want to guarantee a seat) – these nights showcase talent from the very new to the most experienced acts in the South West, and if you do want to do your bit to support local comedy, this is an great place to start.

I am also really looking forward to seeing double Edinburgh winner John Kearns with his show ‘Don’t Worry They’re Here’ at the Rondo this Saturday. John is one of my very favourite acts at the moment and one of the most creative and talented in comedy right now. I actually saw this show in Edinburgh last year, as well as a preview before that, and it was one of my highlights of the festival. The show features moments of real beauty and poignancy, but still retains a high joke count. Inexplicably this show still has tickets available, if you don’t have any plans Saturday night then I highly recommend you head for the Rondo!

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