Circled In The Diary: Fern Brady at the Komedia Arts Cafe

BATH SPA you are now in my top 3 favourite audiences of this tour, the others being Lyme Regis & Cardiff, who sang more than any other audience.” tweeted Fern Brady following her performance at the Komedia Arts Café on the 18th of January. It may not have been much of a singing crowd, but the atmosphere in the room was befitting of the most joyous congregation.

Brady took us on a journey packed with dark but engaging insights into her past of bizarre jobs, tumultuous relationships and worrying egg-based dietary habits. She quips about lacking a poignant message to her show, but there are valuable points she makes between beautifully crafted jokes about things like responses to the #MeToo movement and appalling remarks from taxi drivers. The strength of Brady’s show is in the balance of righteous fury and witty storytelling, and it was a real pleasure to witness as part of a warm and receptive crowd.

If you enjoyed the show and want to see more of Brady’s work, her previous show ‘Male Comedienne’ is available on NextUp!

Comedy shows in the Arts Café range from full Edinburgh hours, to the regular new act night hosted by Bath comedy institution Daniel Fitzhenry on the first Monday of every month. It’s a popular room particularly for acts trying new material, and that is in no small part due to the audience who are always up for a bit of experimentation.

The next new act night is on Monday the 5th of February. Come along, enjoy the famously excellent atmosphere of the smaller of Komedia’s rooms, and watch a range of local acts trying out new jokes, some of which might never be heard again and others may well go on to be performed on far larger stages up and down the country.

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